Frametec came into being in 1988 as a timber wall frame business, but we’ve since moved on to steel as the market changed.

From the very inception of Frametec, everything has been done on site. We don’t outsource, even though we have a much broader commercial business focus today.

We’ve moved from timber to steel and then from welding to self-piercing riveting system, increasing the quality of our products.

What we do

Our Process

Our process changes depending on what you’re looking for. We can:

  • Consult on hand drawn plans you’ve sketched yourself
  • Consult on professional plans you’ve been provided
  • Give a fairly accurate quote based on the heights, measurements and dimensions of your product
  • Help get your plans through for shire approval
  • Offer professional advice – many of our customers are owner builders
  • Supply engineering to Australian standards
  • Recommend trusted services
  • Deliver to your site (included in the pricing)
  • Recommend teams of contractors for the site work
  • Respond to urgent jobs – we virtually always have material ready to go.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers can provide materials within 24 hours. Plus, all of our suppliers are locally based within WA. Frametec supports the local WA economy and by extension, the local WA community.

Our Quality Control

All the material we use comes with Australian standard warranties. Plus, we always rectify issues, whether they’ve occurred in the factory or on-site. Frametec is also a registered member of the Master Builders Association, the leading industry voice for industrial and technical building standards.

Reach out today to find out what Frametec can do for you.

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Whether it’s a query or a quote, pick up the phone & call us today or visit our contact page or send us an email.

Call: (08) 9250 2220 Email: admin@frametec.com.au

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