Steel Roof Trusses

Frametec fabricates steel roof trusses that are built to Australian codes and standards. We know Australians need the peace of mind that a safe house brings, which is why we specialise in steel for extreme conditions.

Steel Roof Trusses are a Great Alternative to Timber

Our roof trusses are recognised for their benefits to commercial and residential clients alike. 

  • Steel frame roofs are termite and European house borer proof
  • Steel roof trusses will not warp or shrink
  • Steel roof trusses do not require additional chemical treatments
  • Steel frame roofs can easily meet building code requirements and 
  • Steel frame roofs can easily meet increased wind-zone requirements
steel roof trusses on house in perth

We use a self-piercing riveting system to fabricate our steel roof trusses. Our steel trusses can be cyclone-rated and our self-piercing riveting system uses a faster, single operation joining process.

Some other benefits of steel trusses include:

  • Their non-toxic fabrication process
  • Their fireproof and fire-resistant qualities
  • Their efficient fabrication
  • Their cost-effective transportation costs, especially in regional areas

Our roof trusses are built to withstand the demands of areas with a few additional requirements like the North West, and areas of extreme weather conditions along the coast. 

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We also specialise in steel wall frames, cyclone rated fabrications and light fabrication.

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